Reasons for the Buttock Augmentation Miami Craze

Reasons for the Buttock Augmentation Miami Craze

If you live in Miami, you probably want to be able to enjoy fun in the sun, and you want to look great doing it. This is one of the main reasons behind the Miami buttock augmentation craze that is currently going on. Many women (and some men) are choosing to have their butts lifted, and in many cases, have butt implants, to give them the nice, round butt that everyone is striving to have these days.

Gone are the days of the flat butt. Now, it is easy to have a better butt, and there are many surgeons in Miami and other parts of South Florida who specialize in this type of plastic surgery.

Why Get a Butt Lift?

Talk to people who are considering getting a butt lift, and you will find that everyone has a different reason for wanting to have this type of surgery. For most people, it is to have a nice, shapely butt that looks good. For others, it is to improve muscle tone, or even repair damage caused by an accident or other type of trauma.

As we age, our bodies change, including our butts, and often muscle tone is lost and this area starts to sag. Having a butt lift can easily take care of this problem and give you a much younger looking rear end. Sagging is also something that people who have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time must deal with, and butt lift surgery is often the answer for many of these people, as long as they can afford it.

What’s New in Butt Lifts in Miami?

The latest butt lift craze in Miami is the Miami thong lift, It is expected that this is going to be a huge craze in the plastic surgery business, and it will give your butt the boost it needs to look great in everything from jeans to bathing suits and everything in between. This is something that is of more interest to women, although men can also benefit from this type of plastic surgery.

Instead of using a butt implant, this procedure involves taking fat from other parts of the body and placing it in the buttocks. The incision is small, and made near the area covered by a thong, which is where the name of the procedure comes from. The fact that the incision is small and easily hidden is one of the main reasons why this type of butt lift is so popular. Because fat from the body is used, this is not a procedure that is recommended for skinny people.

The Brazilian Butt Lift

One plastic surgery craze that has really taken off in Miami is the Brazilian butt lift. This involves the use of an implant as well as fat transfer to make the butt round and shapely. Solid implants are placed in the proper position to give your butt a new shape, and the fat is then injected into the buttocks to increase projection and firmness, as well as the shape of the buttocks.

Some of the reasons why this type of buttocks augmentation surgery is so popular include:

  • It is safe.
  • Recovery time is quicker than with other forms of plastic surgery.
  • It helps to sculpt other areas of the body, as fat is removed from these areas.
  • There are very few complications involved.
  • No foreign substances are used, so there is little chance of infection.


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