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Common Misconceptions about Plastic Surgery

Common Misconceptions about Plastic Surgery

While there may be plenty of information available about plastic surgery procedures available these days, there still seems to be a great deal of confusion. In fact, it seems the more data that gets released the more skewed people's conception of cosmetic surgery procedures gets.

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Reasons for the Buttock Augmentation Miami Craze

Reasons for the Buttock Augmentation Miami Craze

If you live in Miami, you probably want to be able to enjoy fun in the sun, and you want to look great doing it. This is one of the main reasons behind the Miami buttock augmentation craze that is currently going on.

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Miami Cosmetic Surgery 101 - For South Florida Candidates.

Miami Cosmetic Surgery 101 - For South Florida Candidates.

The term cosmetic surgery gets thrown around a lot, especially in the Miami and South Florida area, but those who have not had a procedure done may wonder what it really is. The first thing to understand is how cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery work together. Cosmetic surgery is one of two different types of plastic surgery classifications along with corrective or reconstructive surgery.

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