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BBL + J-Plasma

The Combination Of Both Procedures Can Provide Outstanding Results.

The J-Plasma electrosurgical device works by passing inert helium gas through an electrically-charged retractable surgical blade to create cold plasma. Helium gas is present in air (.000524%) and is colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, inert, and monatomic. The helium plasma stream that is created, in tandem with the surgical blade, allows the surgeon to cut, coagulate, fulgu rate and dissect with use of a single easy-to-use surgical instrument.

J-Plasma Additional Treatment Options

Traditionally the surgeon must choose between different devices be it; a monopolar pencil, a bipolar coagulator, a laser or argon beam, depending on whether he/she wishes to cut, coagu late or fulgurate tissue and how large or small the depth and breadth of surgical energy effect is desired for treatment. J-Plasma' s retractable surgical blade and simple, multi-modality design allows a surgeon to fluently and intuitively transition between cutting, coagulating and fulgu rating with only one instrument. Moreover, a surgeon's control of the flow of gas through the instrument, independent of power settings, produces a multitude of additional target tissue effects, such as cooling for delicate areas or pushing blood or debris aside to reach and treat underlying tissues.

Pulsing the J-Plasma energy gives a surgeon additional treatment options similar to argon or laser. This changing of the pulse rates of J-Plasma allows the tissue to a cooling phase to improve surgical outcomes even more.

Changing electrosurgical devices during surgery also often means changing generators, changing power settings, connecting grounding pads, and placing foot pedals, all of which can increase OR time. During more critical times, when the surgeon is trying to achieve hemostasis for example, changing devices can take the attention of the surgeon away from the patient and lead to more blood loss or other complications. 

Like the monopolar pencil and bipolar coagu lator, the effect of J-Plasma is governed by the frequency and intensity of current flowing through the instrument, which can be controlled on the generator. However, only with the J-Plasma can a surgeon again intuitively transition from cutting to coagulation during the same activation (single button push) - no grounding pads or foot pedals necessary. Furthermore, unlike with usage of laser devices, the J-Plasma does not require eye protection, wetting of surgical drapes, or the worry about over shooting or "pass through" during its use. 

Surgical Energy

When dealing with surgical energy, the J-Plasma device may result in reduced complication rate, blood loss, and operating time due to its multiple functions simple functionality, minimal collateral tissue damage, and smaller smoke plumes, compared to other surgical energy devices. 

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