Buttock Augmentation – Fat Transfer vs. Buttock Implants

Buttock Augmentation – Fat Transfer vs. Buttock Implants

Buttock augmentation is a popular procedure partially because this is an area of the body that can be challenging when it comes to trying to sculpt through exercise. Ironically, the lack of exercise is usually what helps get the rounded look women like, but can result in too much cellulite. Working out to try to get a firm and cellulite-free rear often times leads to a smaller backside than women desire.

Though women are usually more likely to get a plastic surgery procedure such as buttock augmentation done, there is an increase in the number of men who are also opting for this cosmetic enhancement these days.

Both men and women agree that when it comes to how you fill out your jeans, there needs to be enough there to create the desired appearance. The bottom line is that a well-rounded buttocks area makes the entire body appear well proportioned.

Understanding the Difference 

By the names alone, it is obvious what the main difference is between the two options. For one of these types of buttocks enlargement procedures, your own body fat is used and for the other a foreign object, the implant, is introduced into the body. There are however pros and cons to each type of these cosmetic surgery procedures.

Buttocks Implants:

  • Patients are under general anesthesia. On average the buttocks enlargement process using implants spans about two hours. 
  • When implants are being introduced into the body, an incision must be made. Generally the incision will be two to three inches and can result in some scarring.
  • The implants are placed beneath the buttocks muscles.
  • Recovery time generally spans about a month before patients can resume anything physical or otherwise strenuous.
  • Ideal candidates for this procedure usually do not have excess fat to draw from.
  • Buttocks implants are also preferred by those who want to ensure the exact amount of shape or a particular size.

Fat Injection:

  • Patients are also under general anesthesia, but there are two main parts to the procedure as opposed to simply one. The procedure using fat injections also can take up to two hours.
  • The first part of this plastic surgery procedure involves using mild liposuction. Fat is generally removed from the thighs, hips, back or abdomen.
  • The fat cells are then reintroduced to the body using injections at the desired spot on the buttocks.
  • In general it is a little more difficult to predict how the final outcome will look. Patients may have a general idea, but it will not be as defined or as predictable as when using implants.
  • By using fat cells from the patient's own body, there is no risk of the body rejecting its own matter.
  • The healing process and time is also vastly different from getting buttocks implants. Patients can often return to work within a matter of days and resume physical activities within two weeks.
  • Though the final look is not as predictable many people prefer, this is because the final look can be much more natural. 

In the End...

It comes down to certain factors such as the amount of excess fat cells you currently have or the amount of recovery time you can afford to endure.

If you are athletic or think you may not even have enough extra fat cells to be a candidate for a buttocks fat transfer, implants may be a better choice.

The best thing you can do is open the lines of communication with your plastic surgeon to begin to understand the options available to you and be able to make a wise decision for your body type.


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